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You can call me Bri. I'm finally legal. I like the ladies but I am currently single. I call Wisconsin home, at least for now. Greys Anatomy is my crack. I have a strong love for Kacey Musgraves-she's the babe😍I will be bluntly honest most of the time. I don't put up with bullshit or immaturity. I post what I want on my blog if you don't like it I'm not forcing you to stay. I'll be an amazing nurse one day. Have a question? Feel free to leave it in my ask box.

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Lauren: ” Bo wait!
Kenzie: ” that was seven kinds of awesome”
Lauren: ” No something is really wrong. Bo stop, it’s me. This isn’t you. Just come back I’m right here.”
*Bo growls at Lauren*
Lauren: ” whatever this is you have to fight it.”
Bo: “Lauren”
Lauren: ” Honey.”
Bo: ” what is happening to me?”
Lauren: ” everything’s okay just come back. I love you”
Bo: * eyes back to blue while getting close to Lauren’s ear* ” GET OUT OF MY WAY!!” * Bo then growls in Lauren’s face causing Lauren to jump*
Lauren: ” honey, I love you from the second we meet. We were alone and and my stethoscope was probably really cold but we touched. Honey do you remember? Do you remember that first time? Look at me.”
Bo: ” what have I done?!”
* Bo collapses into Lauren’s arms*

One reason why they are so perfect. Lauren cares so much about Bo.

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