Warm my body with yours.

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I like playful relationships. I’ll call you a dumbass and a fag cause saying ‘babe’ all the time gets old. I’ll bite you. I’ll laugh at you. I’ll push your buttons just to see you get mad cause it’s cute. I’ll hit you playfully.. I’ll hold you from behind. I’ll make stupid faces with you. We’ll do stupid things.

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Love and Lesbians ♡
dreamofmetonight- asked: you're gorgeous, cuddle me

Thank you (: you are definitely pretty gorgeous yourself. I would be happy to come cuddle with you!

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Come give me cuddlessssssss

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I truly feel like I can’t fucking move and I feel sick to my stomach 😔for one night can I feel good when I’m going to bed?

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Let me rest my head on your chest. I want to fall asleep to the rhythm of your heart beat. Rub my back with one hand and hold my hand with another. Fall in love with me even when I am sleeping.

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theamazinglifeofmegan asked: How did you know you were gay?

I felt no connection to guys on any level but with girls I did. When I had my first crush on a girl I got all the feelings I wanted that I never got from a guy.


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